About Creor Group and Lighting Marketing

The Story of Creor Group


Born of the union of creo, to create; and reor, to think; Creor means  creative thought. Established in 2001, Creor Group is a thoughtful  consulting practice, a flexible creative house and a frugal partner in  the management of our client's marketing investments.

We use  tools and processes developed by Bob Eminian including the Optrian  Marketing Method to help our clients find their voice and the Product  Passport Process to both guide the story expression by our virtual team  and implement integrated campaigns to reach your audience.

Bob Eminian -- Founder, Strategist, Chief Storyteller


Through Creor, I typically help companies, small to large, preparing to launch, or already established leaders needing a boost or repositioning to get to the next level.  I don't drink the cool-aide, but see myself as an outside-insider that  helps your leadership team find their north star, develop their voice, tell  their story and reach their prospects and customers.  

I like to instill  a discipline that includes repeatable, measurable processes and ensures that your marketers, sales team and employees can always tell your company, product or service story.

I'm  a firm believer in setting up achievable stretch goals after assessing  resources and timelines, being realistic about budgets v. revenue v.  expectations. The best approaches use a part of the budget upfront for planning and  research to determine how, or even if, to spend the rest, and then going  all-in to execute with perfection.

I have been successfully telling  marketing stories for nearly thirty-five years, nearly ten of those in lighting. My group uses a marketing  process and methodology that I developed and refined as a marketing executive at Advanced Micro Devices  (AMD) in the 80's and Samsung in the 90's. It's delivering billions of  dollars in revenue on new product, service and brand launches. I founded  Creor Group in 2001, leading a network of award-winning talent to tell  the stories of clients such as Samsung, Lunera, SC Johnson & Company  and NEC, to name a few.

My clients tell me I'm a unique and  valuable bridge between the client-side and agency-side of marketing.  With degrees in engineering, business and as a Certified Business  Communicator, I can guide a team to craft a story and voice that will  resonate with the end customers of our clients. 

I'm doing what I  love -- helping clients, both established and startup, launch products,  businesses and brands -- and to tell their story to an audience who  cares, in the most approachable way.

Your Lights Should Shine


We want your lamps, kits, and luminaries to shine in the market.

With Creor Group, you'll get the time and guidance you deserve to optimize your lighting marketing. Whether you are just starting out, or need to refresh your brand, we can work with you to create a brand story that will reach your target customers and channel where they live -- online, in social, at the mail box or on a store shelf.  

And we'll take your message to them with effective lead generation programs. With our lighting consulting partners, we can also help maximize your marketing with your channel development, grow strategies, technical support and public relations.

Helping the lighting industry grow.

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