Carol Warren has been creating the narrative for lighting customers for 12 years. The relationships with editors run deep, helping you get their attention in a crowded news cycle.

Our public relations service, in concert with Creor Group, is a comprehensive tool for you to use to influence the opinion-makers that your audience follows.  We help lighting clients craft their media story - and that same messaging can be applied to areas outside of PR and social media too.  It's key to your brand value and customer base to have a clear, concise message whether they see it in articles, social media posts, ads, or store displays.

We can help you get the word out, set up speaking events, get coverage at LightFair, and compliment what you do with your campaigns, lead generation, and website.

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Create a communications plan and  messaging house to coordinate when, where, how and what you say.


How are you crafting press releases, contributed articles, press kits and scripts to convey your message. Our releases are distributed, followed-up and report on pickup.


Help connect with your customers by speaking at an event or gaining an award.

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Creor LED PR Editor Relations

  • Carol has been nurturing relationships with editors in lighting, controls, and green buildings for over a decade.  These relationships are a key part of why you want a lighting PR agency.

  • We maintain lists, track editorial calendars, and know the types of stories a publication's readers like to receive every issue.

Creor LED PR News Coverage

  • Our PR services are full comprehensive.  We start with a messaging house to define the communications pillars and strategies, craft press releases in the AP Style, distribute, follow-up, and report on news.

  • We can arrange press tours and events and phone or in-person interviews and demos to encourage better coverage.

Creor LED PR Reviews

  • People follow reporters and bloggers and social influencers.  They are trusted sources of information.  We design and implement active product review programs that get results.

  • Reviews are like free advertising and we often capture testimonials at the same time for other marketing uses.

Creor LED PR Submitted Articles

  • Often, when you have a specific story you need told, a contributed article is called for. Our writing team can help you write your article, which we search for and place in an appropriate publication.

  • It's a sure way to get your story out without editorializing by the LED columnist.

Creor LED PR Speaking Events

  • We'll have you feel comfortable on stage or on a "hot mic" interview because lending your voice to your story adds credibility and boosts your brand value. 

  • We look for speaking opportunities and panels, craft bios, prepare submissions, and rehearse our spokespersons.

Creor LED PR awards

  • Awards recognize you for something about your product, company or team. Awards help connect you to your customers.

  • Our team regularly searches for awards that make sense for you, prepares entries, and follow-up winners with PR and social media.

Helping the lighting industry grow.

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