Vincent Rerolle provides strategic consulting to lighting and controls companies on growth and exit. He works closely with Creor Group and our consultants to assess your business and define a strategy to achieve your growth goals.

Your business can grow through a merge with or acquisition of companies that have the infrastructure, talent, relationships, technology, IP, and customers that you're looking for. Finding and motivating the right ones is the hard part we tackle.

As you move into higher-value lighting controls for energy, indoor location, IoT, or smart buildings, building an ecosystem of software, hardware, and system integration partners is critical to ability to grow.  They are the gas for your engine.

Finally its strategically important for many lighting and controls companies to plan an exit. What do you need to do strategically to maximize your valuation, whether for an acquisition or IPO.

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Define the playbook for your growth through a merger or acquisitions.


Identify, negotiate and build an ecosystem of partners that support your lighting, smart building and IoT solution.


What's next for you, your investors and your employees?  Is an IPO possible?  Or a high-valuation acquisition?   Planning for your successful exit is critical.

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accelerating your lighting company growth

CreorLED Mergers and Acquisitions Strategies

  • In the fast changing lighting world, mergers and acquisitions are a serious way to grow, expand portfolios, and acquire expertise.

  • Vincent can help you find the right candidates and shape the right deal to achieve your goals.

Creor LED Ecosystem Partner Development

  • The integration of controls into lighting solutions for energy savings has many options. The platforms at the forefront today are able to transform lighting systems into much more.

  • Building a software and cloud ecosystem that is attractive to your customers and profitable for you and your ecosystem takes still and negotiation that we can provide.

Creor LED Exit Strategies

  • The lighting industry transformation from fixtures and lamps to integrated controls for energy savings to the gateway to commercial IoT creates opportunities for some to exit.

  • If you're looking to exit though an acquisition, merger, or IPO,  we can help you prepare to maximize  your valuation.

Helping the lighting industry grow.

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